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Tyler GPS Challenge #1


I will be doing something a little different for my post this week – something I am calling the GPS Challenge! I have seen visitors at Tyler walking around with their handheld GPS units, and I know there are even more people out there that are fans of orienteering and scavenger hunts. So think of this as geocaching for a virtual cache (now I’m sure I have grabbed the attention of some readers!).

For this first challenge, I thought I would keep it simple and the locations easy to find (all are located within the fence).  My challenge is to navigate to these three locations at Tyler Arboretum, face the compass direction shown, and Leave a Reply (at the very bottom of the post) with the answer describing what “feature” is directly in front of you.  What is the prize?  For geocachers, it is always to be the FTF (that’s “first to find”).

Good luck, and enjoy these sites around Tyler!

GPS Challenge #1 - Location 1A

GPS Challenge #1 – Location 1A.  For the compass direction, face N 125 degrees W.

GPS Challenge #1 - Location 1B

GPS Challenge #1 – Location 1B.  For the compass direction, face N 54 degrees E (same as N 306 degrees W).

GPS Challenge #1 - Location 1C

GPS Challenge #1 – Location 1C.  For the compass direction, face N 147 degrees W.

Author: Dr. G

Dr. Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science, Penn State Brandywine. Learn more at

3 thoughts on “Tyler GPS Challenge #1

  1. Since someone asked this question on another post, I thought I would share the information here as well.

    Anyone can search for the above coordinates in Tyler with a handheld GPS, and there are even some apps you can download for a smartphone that allow one to navigate latitude and longitude coordinates. The other way to search for these spots if you do not have GPS would be to look up the coordinates in Google Earth (a free program available for download at and enter the coordinates. For example, for Location 1A, use this format: N 39 56′ 8.77″ W 75 26′ 18.00″ Then, once you have this mapped on your computer, you can walk to that spot on your next visit to Tyler and see what feature is at that spot. Good luck!

  2. Hi Dr. G. It’s Pepper. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – so much great information. It makes me want to get back out there exploring some more areas off the beaten path. I saw your posting about geocaching and it caught my eye. I just heard of this recently. My son is in the Marines and currently stationed in Okinawa. He and his wife and son have been exploring the island at every opportunity. They got interested in geocaching a few weeks ago and my 9 year old grandson was thrilled when he found his first location. I haven’t tried it yet..but it does sound fascinating!

    • Hello Pepper! Geocaching is a global “sport,” if you will. It is a fun way to get outdoors and really appreciate your surroundings. I’m hoping that some people will follow the GPS Challenges I’ll be posting periodically to look at some spots in Tyler that one might just walk on by…. Hope to see you again at the Arboretum!

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