Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler Arboretum

The sabbatical project continues, exploring all that Tyler Arboretum has to offer

Looking for a place to sit down at Tyler?

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A nice spotWe have been extremely lucky that the weather in August has been below 90 degrees the entire month  – maybe not much cooler than 90 degrees, but enough to get us outside and checking out all that Tyler has to offer before the summer winds down.  I know I will be spending this upcoming Saturday volunteering at Tyler Arboretum’s Butterfly Festival, but for those that have been spending much time out and about across the grounds of Tyler, be sure not to overextend yourself and grab a seat.

Yes, this post is a friendly reminder that as you trek through the Arboretum, you can always take a break and sit down and soak in the views across the Arboretum.  I have seen benches in various locations during my travels in Tyler, so I asked Director of Horticulture Mike Karkowski how many benches are at the Arboretum.  I was pleasantly surprised when he replied that, “Tyler currently has locations on forty benches inside the fence and four outside the fence, varying in style.”  He said there are also a few additional benches inside the fence from last year, such as this festive Lorax bench, located not far from the Giant Sequoia.

The Lorax bench

You can’t miss this bench, complete with a Truffula Tree!

Of course, if you are looking for a seat besides a bench, maybe one of these chairs belonging to The Three Bears is more your style!

The Three Bears

The Three Bears will let you grab a seat on your way to the Scenic Loop!

Author: Dr. G

Dr. Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science, Penn State Brandywine. Learn more at

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