Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler Arboretum

The sabbatical project continues, exploring all that Tyler Arboretum has to offer

What Lies Beneath?

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If you take a stroll along the Native Woodland Walk in the Arboretum, you may come across a “magical path” with “villages, hamlets, and castles, created for gnomes, fairies, wizards, goblins, and other magical folk.”  And as you continue on, you will come across this interesting structure, visible from the pathway:

What lies beneath?

Magically appearing in 2010 (with a little help from Pine Street Carpenters, Inc.), this unexplained door leading underground plays an important role in The Tyler Arboretum Writing Project.  Visitors of all ages are encouraged to use their imaginations to create a story or poem inspired by this exhibit, titled with the simple question, What Lies Beneath? Submissions (5,000 words or less) to this community writing project are collectively housed on the website:  Feel free to read through the almost 100 submissions that have already been posted.

And then, put on your own creative writing cap and submit your answer the question… What Lies Beneath?

What lies beneath?

Author: Dr. G

Dr. Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science, Penn State Brandywine. Learn more at

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