Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler Arboretum

The sabbatical project continues, exploring all that Tyler Arboretum has to offer

Make Tyler Arboretum your next microadventure!

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Many teachers and families are soon transitioning from a school year to summer schedule.  If your schedule is too packed to get that extended getaway to refresh and reconnect with the outdoors, why not make sure you can at least make time for a microadventure?

2012 National Geographic Adventurer Alastair Humphreys is credited with promoting the term “microadventure.”  Microadventures are affordable, local trips, what Alastair refers to as “short, perspective-shifting bursts of travel closer to home” (see NYT article).  These adventures might be a hike through a local state park you just never made the time to visit, or a stroll through a local city by moonlight, a canoe trip in a local river – however you want to define your adventure!

Penn State Brandywine finished with its spring semester in May, and the campus walking club decided to celebrate by spending a Friday afternoon lunch hour strolling along the Scenic Loop and through the Rhododendron Garden.  We had a WONDERFUL time not just escaping the office for an hour, but spending some time connecting with nature and with each other.  The new signage Tyler has been installing by the Painter Trees provided some informative historical information, and with each tree tagged and labeled, we could easily identify each of the trees we were looking at!

I recommend everyone kick off their summer with a microadventure at Tyler!  Why not take a microadventure with friends, family visiting from out-of-town, your co-workers, your neighbors, and anyone else that has a desire to explore the outdoors?

Members of Penn State Brandywine's walking club, spending their lunch hour strolling through Tyler Arboretum!

Members of Penn State Brandywine’s walking club, spending their lunch hour strolling through Tyler Arboretum!  Photo taken by S. Allinson.

Author: Dr. G

Dr. Laura Guertin, Professor of Earth Science, Penn State Brandywine. Learn more at

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