Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler Arboretum

The sabbatical project continues, exploring all that Tyler Arboretum has to offer


Through my journeys at Tyler Arboretum and discussions with visitors and staff, there is a clear desire by everyone (including myself!) to learn more about what I’ll refer to as Tyler’s spheres – hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithsophere, biosphere, and anthrosphere.  Here, I am compiling a list of resources, local and statewide, that may be of interest to those that want to journey in to some literature and videos!

Pennsylvania Maps, such as the Geologic Map of PA
DCNR Delaware County Rock Type Map

The Geological Story of Pennsylvania, by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley: Its Geology and Geography (Middle States Geographer, 1997)

Fieldtrip – Geology of Philadelphia and NW Suburbs (from NAGT-ES 2010 fieldtrip)

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